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Our Team

                                 TimSold Real Estate Team



Timothy Keung
CEO | Broker


Beatrice H.
COO | Broker of Record

Vick Y.
Senior Sales Representative


Jim C.
Sales Representative


Tiffanne J.
Reception / Inside Sales Agent

Jasmine C.
Administration Manager


Janet M.
Inside Sales Agent


Isaac H.
Sales Representative

Ryan T.
Sales Representative

Ken H.

Wesley K.
Sales Representative

Igor K.
Sales Representative

Amir Z.
Sales Representative

Kevin B.
Sales Representative

Shannet J.
Training Manager



                                 TimSold Mortgage Team


Caro W.
Mortage Agent


Ron L.
Mortgage Broker (RB Capital)

Marc K.
Mortgage Broker


Justin Y.
Mortage Agent




TimSold Legal Team
In Partnership with Kim & Toso



Ayla K.






TimSold Staging & Renovations Team



Maggie Y.
Mag & Co



Cameron L.
Contractor (Camstruction Contracting)





TimSold Media Team



Alvin K.
Head of Media


Nannan W.
Marketing Manager